2013. április 13., szombat

The girls of Borderlands

A very nice cosplay request has been made at cosplayerotica.com: everyone's favourite girl characters from the Borderlands series - they going nasty! The always funny (and big-mouth) Lilith meets the new and secretive siren, Maya! "I love my powers haha"! Man, I just love Borderlands, especially BL2 - not just because the girls (however Gaige is a big favourite of mine) but the game and the loot, and of course the coo-op! Anyways, let's see Anne and Angela cosplaying the badass sirens!

2013. március 13., szerda

I am not dead:) news ... and... lycra pants!!!

I know I know... What's with the updates you ask?:) Well, nothing serious really - I am not dead, (haha), not sick, no problems - it's just RL things makes me busy, work, friends, and ofc. a huuuuge "I need to play" backlog in my XBOX/PS collection. Anyways, it's time to post some nice images, so let's start with one of my all time fav. chatacters: Shaundi!!! Cosplayed by my all time fav. model: Mea Lee! yay!
I think she was perfect for this cosplay - btw I love Saints Row: The Third, I know it was over-simplified (considering the previous game, STT3 is really dumbed down), but the mechanics and graphics are much better, and they improved the shooting a lot (shooting mechanics and targeting in Saints Row 2 was horrible). And don't let me mention the horrible Saints Row 2 PC-port, The Third is much better on PC as well. But let's go on, and let's see: which girl is my fav. from the newest models? (The CosplayErotica girls casting and publishing a new model every month). Well, from the 2013 girls (so far, it's only march, so...) my favourite is Anne. Beauty face, incredible body, and oh boy - she can cosplay and pose well. Just look at her Portal - Chell cosplay! Do I need to say more?:)