2011. május 27., péntek

Isabela from Dragon Age - looks like she is a nasty one, but we knew it:)

Did Isabela have a ship at all? No, if you know the series we are talking about, then you know the truth: we never seen she's ship. Who cares anyway? She is nasty, humorous, loves sex and wearing daggers - it's not her ship why we love her:)

2011. május 21., szombat

Fallout 2 cosplay with Alexa

A nice member request has been made. Just imagine: the newly escaped, naive vault dweller: Alexa... and you. Scavengers of the wastelands! No one else near... What would you do with her?

2011. május 17., kedd

Meet the models Part I. - Mea Lee

Ok, this is just epic - I am a Mea fan, so no surprise here: I love this clip (I wonder who'll be the next girl in this "introdocung the models" series, I hope it'll be Gogo - my 2nd fav:-)

Btw, there is a nice Isabela (Dragon Age 2) cosplay at the end!

2011. május 9., hétfő

CosplayErotica 2011 calendar cover FTW!

I want one lol!!! Not sure how to get, probably only promo material for Facebook like-ers:-( (man, how I hate FB) anyways, I'll beg to Mea and Angela in the forum, maybe I'll get a copy hehehe

Anywayz, if you want one, all you need to do is press likey-likey

2011. május 6., péntek

Catwoman erotic cosplay as it's best

Meow! CosplayErotica already have a “catwoman”-cosplay, but this time one of the members requested the proper movie-costume, a leash (!) and Cassie. Done, done and done! Also check out the video, if you want to see Cassie messing around with a bit of milk… (members only). Meow! If you are a fan of shiny black leather, and superheroines, then this series is for you!

(Source: cosplayerotica.com)