2010. december 31., péntek

End of 2010 - Epic warcraft-girls, borderlands, and fairy rikku

Nice holliday surprise from CE: nasty night elves! I really loved the series and the video. Free gallery here!

But I'am more excited about this pic, I just noticed in the "coming soon" section: although no title on it, but I said yay! It's deffo Borderlands! Can't wait for the serie!:)

Also, looks like we'll have a cute Fairy-version Rikku cosplay next week, with Melane (I especially likes her, cuteness, cuteness...)

2010. december 23., csütörtök

Gundam Seeed Sexy Edition

Check out this week's update, if you are a Gundam Seed series fan: the Nayma-version of Cagalli to visit cosplayerotica.com. I think it's hot, whoever requested it, it was a good idea.

Also, next week's update is just so damn hot - I must, I must... I must post the preview pics here. EPIC DROP - never enough form lesbian elves, huh?

More nasty elves preview will be at Mea Lee's blog probably.. soon... I hope... lets' hope:-)

2010. december 9., csütörtök

Cosplaying Bullet Time woot?

As a big Matrix-fan, I was pleasantly surprised with this week's update at CE.

A nice series with Gogo (I love her "amazon" body as well), but best of all: some nice bullet-time images besides the usual erotic-stuff:-)

Let's hope Mea will post some preview on her blog soon (some nice Fallout cosplay there lately btw... check'em out if you like Raiders and a sexy vault dweller:) - till then I post some pics here, lets hope the CE girls won't cut my head off.

One more!!! I can't resist to post'em!

For the nasty-nude-erotic versions check out the latest CE update:) Have a nice weekend folks!