2010. november 18., csütörtök

Dead Or Alive Christie cosplay yummm

Me likes DOA... me love Chris. Me love Cosplayerotica, especially when they making DOA characters.. especially when they publishing' Chris-Nasty-O-Snakey-kungfu. Me can't talk... this.. is.. too much...

2010. november 11., csütörtök

Sexy Blood Elf rogue cosplay

There is a nice Blood Elf cosplay at Mea Lee's blog, let me rip some of the pics:) Btw, I think Marlyin was a perfect choice for a Blood Elf, her face reminds me to the good'ole WOW faces, especially with this strong red-rouge (rogue, rouge, gooot ittttt?:) More pics at Mea's blog, check it out folks!

2010. november 4., csütörtök