2012. július 28., szombat

Mortal Kombat weekend - these pics are just too way hot!

Okay, I know that everyone watching the olympic games now, but hey! We have a few minutes for some awesome cosplay, do we? (Yes, we always have heheh) I just got some really nice preview material from Angela, showing their newest cosplayerotica model, Ginger, in fantastic Mortal Kombat uniforms! From Tanya to Jade (my all time fav) they have everything. Also there is a Mea Lee version of Mileena, which is just too hot to handle... Let's see the pics!

Models: Tanya, Jade: Ginger, Mileena cosplayed by Mea Lee. Photos by Vanholywell as usual. For the HD version of the pics (and for the full series) head to CE!