2010. július 25., vasárnap

Miranda (Mass Effect), and Zoey, the girl next door:)

I just can't wait for these updates - as a big Mass Effect fan, I hope the Miranda series will be as good, as the cover is:)) 

Also, next week we'll have a debut-series from Valery. I think she fits very well into the role of "Zoey". I'm not a big fan of zombies, bit the cover is just awesome. We'll see the series+videos next week.

Btw, any1 else agree with me about the 2010 covers on CosplayErotica are less "artsy" than the last year ones?

Thanks for Mea Lee, for the covers (I did cry on her shoulder in the CosplayErotica forum lawl, so she gave me these before publish:))

2010. július 22., csütörtök

Jill from Resident Evil is here - and she is dangerous

Shotgun, shotgun shotgun!!!!! - everybody likes shotguns. 

And everybody likes Nayma:-)))

I am very satisfied with this weeks update.

2010. július 16., péntek

Requesting a weapon at CosplayErotica?

I did just found an interesting topic on CE forum - looks like we can request not only girls/costumes but weapons (possibly other props?) as well. The info came from Mea, so I guess it's official.

Okay, this is a picture blog, so enough from me, you can read the full topic here, time for images - with biiiiig weapons, just to stay in subject:P

2010. július 8., csütörtök

Cosplay Cat

Nice fun fact note from CE main site:) nice images as well!

"Not only vessels have always cats, but also CosplayErotica.com. When you did not miss our latest Cat Woman gallery with Lana, you could find an other model on one of the pictures (check this image out:).

He is Athos our company cat. To define very clearly the right of property, he belongs to our CEO.

She likes her little pat and would like to start his carreer as the first Cosplay Cat on the World. She says he would perfectly fit into the Alien movie together with Ripley. What do you think? Has he got a chance?"

Ok, enough fun, time for more CE Catwoman images!