2010. október 28., csütörtök

Beyond Good And Evil - Jade

The CosplayErotica-version of Jade is just awesome (they named the series "Propaganda", don't ask me why:)

Nice debut series for their new model, Melane - let's hope we can see more series with her rly soon (I love small tits:) I think my next request will goes to her, I rly like her face (im thinking about a Fallout request lately, not decided yet:P

Check out the full update at CosplayErotica.com, or if you are not a member, you can still hope: maybe Mea Lee will post some sneak peek:)

2010. október 24., vasárnap

TonyaSonya:) - epic bum, long legs, sporty tits

Probably the little sister of Sonya form Mortal Combat (I just can't get used to CosplayErotica's funny names lol)

Anyway, who cares about the name, when the model have epic sporty ass?:) I am really satisfied with this week's update (also the video is hot:)

2010. október 19., kedd

More freebie CE wallpapers

For your viewing and desktoping pleasure:) Leeloo one is nice, however I think I'm gonna keep Angela's night elf wallpaper on my desk, because it's just epicz.
For more wallpapers check out the bonus section of CE.

2010. október 15., péntek

Gogo cosplaying Sheeva from RE5

Ok, I am not a big fan of Resident Evil 5 (me thinks RE4 was an epic win, but 5 was just meh...) - but I must admit: Sheeva was hot!

And Gogo is hot as well:)

Also, I just realised: the girls are goin' to make a Beyond Good And Evil cosplay, omg zomg, you girls just won the internetz!!! No1 did a decent Jade cosplay yet, so I can't wait to see it!!!

Ohh, and if any1 recognise the 2nd character (red hair, silver clothes) on the sneek peek, plz tell me, cos I dont have a clue, which is a shame, for me, as I am considering myself as an anime fan... hmm...

2010. október 7., csütörtök

Pirates Of Lesbos freebies

One meaning of the word lesbian derives from the poems of Sappho, who was born in the island of Lesbos and who wrote with powerful emotional content directed toward other women.

Ok, enuff from history, let's see the latest freebies from CosplayErotica.com

I love Pirates-movies and costumes, and I love lesbians... so.. Pirate-lesbians are any good? Hell yeah! Kudos for the CE girls - really nice costumes and props, good work girls!

2010. október 1., péntek

This week: Rikku set, and Pirates of Lesbos

Good news is: looks like Angela changed her mind about the Pirates photo-serie, so they'll be publish it soon yay! Pirates Of Lesbos - nice title, isn't it?:)

About the weekly update: so we have a nice Final Fantasy set this week - I can't complain, I am a big FF fan anyway:) Series is good, video is so-so (nearly not as hot as the Miranda versus Sephard, or anything form Lana, but not bad...) Anyway, I am still a happy member, they are very serious about the twice update/week strategy, and this is makes me happy:)