2013. április 13., szombat

The girls of Borderlands

A very nice cosplay request has been made at cosplayerotica.com: everyone's favourite girl characters from the Borderlands series - they going nasty! The always funny (and big-mouth) Lilith meets the new and secretive siren, Maya! "I love my powers haha"! Man, I just love Borderlands, especially BL2 - not just because the girls (however Gaige is a big favourite of mine) but the game and the loot, and of course the coo-op! Anyways, let's see Anne and Angela cosplaying the badass sirens!

2013. március 13., szerda

I am not dead:) news ... and... lycra pants!!!

I know I know... What's with the updates you ask?:) Well, nothing serious really - I am not dead, (haha), not sick, no problems - it's just RL things makes me busy, work, friends, and ofc. a huuuuge "I need to play" backlog in my XBOX/PS collection. Anyways, it's time to post some nice images, so let's start with one of my all time fav. chatacters: Shaundi!!! Cosplayed by my all time fav. model: Mea Lee! yay!
I think she was perfect for this cosplay - btw I love Saints Row: The Third, I know it was over-simplified (considering the previous game, STT3 is really dumbed down), but the mechanics and graphics are much better, and they improved the shooting a lot (shooting mechanics and targeting in Saints Row 2 was horrible). And don't let me mention the horrible Saints Row 2 PC-port, The Third is much better on PC as well. But let's go on, and let's see: which girl is my fav. from the newest models? (The CosplayErotica girls casting and publishing a new model every month). Well, from the 2013 girls (so far, it's only march, so...) my favourite is Anne. Beauty face, incredible body, and oh boy - she can cosplay and pose well. Just look at her Portal - Chell cosplay! Do I need to say more?:)

2012. november 16., péntek

My 2013 CosplayErotica calendar just arrived

Print version, but also got a digital version - I can't resist to post some of my favourite months (sorry, favourite girls:) It'll looks good on my bedroom's wall, much better than the 2012 version was imho (original version are incredible big, about 5k pixels, so I made smaller pics)

2012. július 28., szombat

Mortal Kombat weekend - these pics are just too way hot!

Okay, I know that everyone watching the olympic games now, but hey! We have a few minutes for some awesome cosplay, do we? (Yes, we always have heheh) I just got some really nice preview material from Angela, showing their newest cosplayerotica model, Ginger, in fantastic Mortal Kombat uniforms! From Tanya to Jade (my all time fav) they have everything. Also there is a Mea Lee version of Mileena, which is just too hot to handle... Let's see the pics!

Models: Tanya, Jade: Ginger, Mileena cosplayed by Mea Lee. Photos by Vanholywell as usual. For the HD version of the pics (and for the full series) head to CE!

2012. május 4., péntek

A nice member rerquest has been made: Faye (Mea Lee) and Julia (Angela) from Cowboy Bepop going hot on a space-corridor. I just love it - no surprise, as I am a big fan of the series, and a big fan if shiny-black latex-ish spandex-lycra whatever catsuits:-))) Especially when Angela wearing them hehe.

2012. február 20., hétfő

Sexy Violet Incredible from Incredibles

Violet attacks on Cosplayerotica lol:) I am a big fan of Marylin, so you can guess, how much I did enjoy her latest member-requested series- Violet, the long legged teenage-emo-hottness! Yumm! Rule34 as it's finest!

2012. január 18., szerda

This ain't NCIS - Abby goes nasty, getting a DNA sample via a handjob:)

My latest fav. series from cosplayerotica is the parody of the pretty NCIS lab-assistant, Abby Sciuto. I think Mea Lee did surprisingly well in this series, even the hairstyle and the caf-pow cup is a perfect match, cool!