2011. augusztus 25., csütörtök

Rule63, Final Fantasy lesbians, new model...

Wooo, I just came back from my holliday, and a lot of things, a looot of things!

First of all: I can't resist to post the Elm-street rule63 preview, it's just so epic, I cant wait for the full set lol

Also looks like we have a debut series for one of the new models (I wonder why it took so long, heh). She's really sexy, I am a fan of big beeeewbs, so... (satisfied face)

Maybe I'll request something with her, we will see. And last but not least, if you missed out the nice Final Fantasy lesbians from monday, there is a nice preview at Mea's blog CLICKY

2011. augusztus 13., szombat

Sexy Harley Quinn gives you a secret therapy

Harley Quinn (Dr. Harleen Frances Quinzel) was first introduced as a villain on September 11, 1992, in the animated series Batman: The Animated Series, later adapted into DC Comics' Batman comic books.

The CosplayErotica parody-version is cosplayed by Lana - good choice, as she has the proper weapons... ermmm... I mean boobs:)

2011. augusztus 5., péntek

Scott Pilgrim's Ramona hottness

Ramona Flowers is a pretty american delivery girl, but You must defeat her seven evil exes in order to date her. Fortunately, the CosplayErotica version of Ramona is an easier prey:-) Member requested serie.

2011. augusztus 2., kedd

Do You have Your CE calendar already?

If not, it's time to download it - because it's awesome! A lot of my fav. characters made it to the 2012 version, so I feel lucky. My all time fav is April, who is (guess who.... who else!!!!) MEA!!! yay:) She rocks, what can I say:-P Let me just put the april page here, so you can see what I'm talkin'bout

Clicky for big version - I was forced to resize it as the originals are 4000pixel-somewhat huge PDF files:(