2010. augusztus 21., szombat

Final Fantasy Frenzy

Final Fantasy frenzy at cosplayerotica haha:) Looks like my fellow member-buddies are all big time FF-fans, as the last two requests were Tifa and Ashe. I did request a Diablo3 witch-doctor btw, but that's another story:) Back to subject... Mea and Marylin did manage the requests very well imho... enuff from me, here are some pix!

ps: note to the other Cosplayerotica members: guys stop requesting FF characters lol, enuff:)
(Ashe sneekpeek images by MeaLee, thanks Mea)

2010. augusztus 18., szerda

Behind the scenes with Mea

So, I was beggin' to Mea Lee in the official forum for some exclusive pix for my blog - she sent me some funny images, from their "Mass Effect shooting" - yay

I wish I could be there once, to slap dat ass:))) (Not a clue who is the lucky guy on the pic, probably some staff)

btw, I did ask Mea about future Mass Effect or other Sci-Fi cosplay, and so she said: "yeah, we'll do a lot more space-themed cosplay soon" cooooool I hope it will be BattleStar Galactica, or Andromeda (I love those clothes'n chicks:)

Anyway, here is my fav. pix from the finished Miranda series, enjoy!

2010. augusztus 13., péntek

Friday 13 - who cares? Vocaloid's Kagamine Rin is just sexy, even on 13th.

I am especially happy, because this week's update is one of my fav. character: Rin from Vocaloid! With Marylin!:)

I don't know who did request it, but he is my hero:) Now it's time for me to request a Miku versus Kaga lesbian series, nice idea don't you think?

2010. augusztus 4., szerda

Left4Dead cosplay and next weeks sneak peek

I think the new CE modell, Valery is rly nice - I love her eyes, and the "girl next door" look:)

Left4Dead's Zoey is not bad for a debut-series, I wonder what kind of costumes she will use next time.

Also I got my hand on a Tifa pic (Mea Lee) - probably one of august's updates - good news, as I am an FF-fan, and also a shiny/latex fun, so double the pleasure for me (soon:) yumm.... (hmm.. I am a big-boob fan as well, so triple-the-pleasure...)