2011. április 29., péntek

The Witcher cosplay - let's prepare for Witcher 2 with Triss

When I heard that the CE girls going to make a Witcher cosplay, I was shocked for a moment, like "hey! I don't want to see Geralt taking off his clothes lol". Thanks god it's not Geralt, but a user request for Tina, as Triss!

As usual, the CosplayErotica girls did it with a nice parody-touch, so the set's name is "The Blooming Rose" - which is a red-light house from Dragon Age 2 (funny). The "Pearl" (from Dragon Age Origins) would be a wiser choice imho, but hey - who cares? Tina is hot, the costume is awesome, and the pix are top notch, as always!

Can't wait to see more Witcher cosplays, those are really rare (is there any proper Withcer cosplay besides this btw?)

2011. április 21., csütörtök

Gogo as a Wonder(ful) woman

"Gogo is a wonderful woman, that's not a question. One of our members asked her for this costume - very nice request, nice model-selection! Nasty-CE-version of hero, with erotic super-powers!" Ok this was the lead from the official CE site, my addition is short: WOOOOOOO (okay, I am a Gogo fan, so what did ya except?:)

Btw, I am not too fond 'bout superheroine costumes (except Catwomen, but hey! That's diff, every straight man would like to shag Catwoman:), but I think this Wonder-ish-woman CE-version is a good one, even with green suit. (I have don't have a clue why the hell they did it in green instewad of blue lulz)

2011. április 14., csütörtök

Let's prepare for the Witcher cosplay (pic)

Ok, so I just got a really cool Witcher cosplay pic from Mea (with Tina as Triss- I love Tina, she was so cool in the Borderlands cosplay). Sadly, no info about when the set coming, so let's hope it'll be soon (btw I did preordered Witcher 2, no surprise, eh?:)

About this week' series: well, here's the cover, I think you have the idea now: Mea+Nayma, hot costumes, epicness!

I can't resist to post my all time fav. image from this series - I always loved how Mea and Nayma can have fun with the prosp... just look!

Full preview of the series will be available on Mea's blog soon - hopefully, when she will update again (lazy lazy Mea:-)

2011. április 7., csütörtök

Kitana hotness

Some1 asked me why I did not posted the Princess Kitana series last week - well, I was on hoooooollydaaay, also Mea posted only 2 pics from it (cover, and a hot pose - you can check them here), so not much to repost really..


Angela in the underworld - hot, indeed

What can I say? I just fell in love with this week's update, Angela is sooo hot, the cosplay is one of may old favs, the enviroment is just perfect, and the black shiny leggings is just as shiny as it need to be:))))