2011. január 29., szombat

Mea behind the scenes

Mea behind the scenes - oh, I wish I can be behind... Mea! haha

Anyway, I was beggin' to her for some more "pirvate" pix, here are the results, made just for me, freshly, just outta the CE studio yay!

2011. január 27., csütörtök

Gogo "doll" request

Quote from Mea's blog: 

"We have a lot of special requests beside the usual cosplays: foot fetish, special poses, very rare characters (Buki from Sudeki anyone?:) just to name a few - the latest interesting request was this one: we were asked to make Gogo look like a doll:)  "

I like Gogo (shes one of my favs, I did request her a Matrix series yay:) so You can guess how excited I was when realised: she is today's update:) Man, I'd like a doll like her at home WTB Gogo lol

2011. január 21., péntek

Borderlands cosplay - Lilith is a hot siren, we already knew that:)

Me very satisfied with the new model at CosplayErotica.com. Me thinks she's very fappable. Me likes Bordelands. Me happy - can't talk proper english anymore, I'm in love with Tina (I'll probably request something for her, as soon as I figured out some really hot costume/char)

More images in this gallery!!!! 

2011. január 17., hétfő

Mea street-wear images yay

okay, no secret that I am a big fan of Mea. Let me say: this is just epic! We can have a lil' preview here, about how she looks like, in her ordinary days, when she is not cosplaying. Incredible - she looks more crazy than shes cosplays! Must see - pics here, on Mea's blog!

Also don't forget to check out the last "Devil May Cry" cosplay update if you have access, it's very hot! How hot? Well, just look at these pics.. wet shirt, big gun.. and Mea... what else you want?

2011. január 10., hétfő

Melane - cuteness as it's best

What we have this week at CE gallery? Well, Melane, the lil’sister of Mea cosplaying a Fairy version of everyone’s favourite Rikku. Also looks like we will have a new model soon, called "Tina" - so far we only got some preview pics on Mea's blog, I hope she will be hot, we'll see!

Enuff from me, lets see the pix!