2011. június 24., péntek

At last - Leliana nasty cosplay, with Morrigan

Hey all - no secret, I am a big Dragon Age Origins fan. I even likes Dragon Age 2 (tho it's deffo not as good as DAO), but DAO is just one of the all time best games for me (have about 7 chars, with about 9 walkthrough so far - and a bunch of mods of course).

Let's just hope, that Bioware won't f**ck up the next sequel, and DA3 will be as good as DAO was. Anyway: while Origins are still extremelly popular, I was always wonder: how came, that there is no proper Leliana cosplays? Somehow it's just impossible to find - same with Morrigan. Morrigan cosplays is very well covered on CosplayErotica.com (thanks god, hehe) with the fantastic series from Analia, and a future Morrigan request for Tina (requested by me, hah!). But... no Leilana! Till now!

Whoever requested this series, he was a godsend - at last, we have a proper Leilana cosplay, not the crappie sacred-ashes version (I don't understand the hype for that outfit), but in the proper Andraste-outfit, as you can see her in the game! Yay! Even better it's a nasty lesbo-series with our favourite Chasind:-))))

Head for the site, and watch the pics/videos - you won't be disappointed:-))))

2011. június 18., szombat

Marylin as Amidala - hmm, practicing with lightsaber lulz:-) (NSFW)

Ok, Amidala never had a lightsaber (as she wasn't a Jedi)... nor Leia. But who cares - weekly cosplay/parody as it's best, this thime with Marylin (one of my favs from CE-exclusive girls), as an Amidala-lookalike-Jedi-scifi-girls-something:))))

I love the part, where she rips off her own clothes with the lightsaber - probably a very dangeroous manouver, but the end results are fantastic(-ally nasty...)

Oh yeah, poor Practice bot, he wil lose, and dies sniff:) Loved that part as well (it's just me, or CE cgi-scenes are getting better and better? I mean just look at the details, shadows, and such)

Dat ass:))) nuff said:)

2011. június 10., péntek

Sexy Rio Kinezono (Burn Up) cosplay

"A very good member request came to reality: how do criminals feel at sight of this sexy protagonist? Please arrest me and do to me what you want? Gogo can handle the handcuffs very well, that's for sure."

ok this was the official text from CosplayErotica's update page, but we all know, that this is Rio Kinezono from Burn Up (however I did find the "CEP" cool and funny, especially with the logo on da car:-)

(sigh.. I'll never get used to the funny fictional names/covers of CosplayErotica lol - btw, If you are like me, and can't identify some of'em series, here's a nice topic that helps: List of all CE sets and cosplayed characters)

I am a big Gogo-fan, so no surprise here: I love this series. Although the original Rio have somewheat bigger boobs, Gogo did well: very sexy moves (especially in the video), nice poses,(just look at her hands)  yummm

2011. június 3., péntek

Merle (Escaflowne) cosplay with long legged Tina

A nice member request has been made, this time with one of the newest CE girls: Tina. Cat girl with orange fur and black ears with black stripes along her tail and arms like a tiger, puffy mashes of fur around her shoulders, can you recognise the character?:) OMG, I loveeee Tina, look at'em legs, yummm

Ok, look at the boobs as well - hotzzzz... check out the full series at cosplayerotica.com as usual!