2010. június 29., kedd

Little Angel refreshed her model site

Seems to me, the dudes by cosplayerotica.com are very proud of their model, Angela G. True, she is one of our most popular models -for example cosplayed in series of World of Warcraft Night Elf, Alice from Resident Evil and a number of Mangas like Tifa, Cammy, Buki and Ada Wong- she is also working hard as the official CosplayErotica.com and StudionCosplay.com face (together with my fav. Mea Lee)

Beside this she retouches photos for us and acts as moderator on forum.cosplayerotica.com - busy girl hahah!

Don't ask how does she get time, but looks like she still has other model jobs and for that she is running an own model site AngelaG.com.

She carried out a major portfolio upgrade as she got lots of new pictures in the last months. Of course Cosplay images are strongly represented on her site...

Visit her site, look her cosplaying by us, book her and love her - and let me put some nice images here.

2010. június 27., vasárnap

There are no more erotic western cosplay sites, why?

Dont worry, I'll post images into the article, so You won't bored to death:-)

Just renewed my sub on CE, and I was thinking: how came, that there are very few, (quality) adult-hardcore or even softcore cosplay sites on the "western side" of the net?
They have a full bunch of it in Japan, I know (good luck to subscribe on those, as they usually don't include english versions of the pages haha), but Jap cosplay is slightly diff. from western cosplay - mostly because of the girls. Jap girls are usually non-shaved (some people prefer that, I think it's not good especially when cosplaying).

Also, if You are not into the asian chicks (like me) then cosplex.jp, BLT and other JAV sites are a big no-no for You. According to the "west side" of the net - we have a good bunch of "uniform fetish" sites (secretaries and cheerleaders, boring like hell... yawn) and a lot of "normal" cosplay sites (non-erotic): but where is the adult side of western cosplay?

Mystery... I did my google-homework, and looks like there are about 4-5, non-JAV adult cosplay site on the net at the moment (weird, eh?): CosplayErotica (which is the best imho, and the only one with video clips), CosplayDeviants (which is also okay), a news site called Eroticfemdom (which is totally crap), and PixelVixens, but this one just doesnt reach the quality limit of mine. Also there are some uniform-fetish sites, with a cosplay-ish feel: fets.com (a bit boring, ballerinas and such.. yawn...).

Am I the only one who thinks, this is very few? I think the key is the producing cost: making quality cosplays are far more expensive than shooting your everyday "softcore-babe-on-the-couch" or "two-blackguy-onewhitegirl" hardcore galleries/videos...

Cosplay clothes, props, nice loooking models (ugly tattoed fatty "Brazzers style" bithces are okay on a hardcore site, but they would be hillarious in cosplay), and I didn't mentioned the CGI backgrounds/CGI videos on CosplayErotica, which is probably expensive like hell. Summary? Not much, I was just thinking out loud:)

2010. június 25., péntek

Mea Lee site coming soon?

Some interesting info from cosplayerotica.com - looks like they are about to start a separate site for Mea? (I'm hoping). I wonder what kind of site it will be? Here is the press info:

"We can not get enough from Mea Lee. As we went online with our cosplayerotica.com site, we saw that the interest for our models is just huge and not only in the cosplay area. Mea Lee in the tight Matrix costume was one of the most eye catching series. Our models attracted lots of attention on our forum.cosplayerotica.com site too as it is really possible to chit-chat with them live.

We decided to show Mea's perfect body in an other, most nasty context too. We met her and clarified the details, but most of the deal is a surpise yet. We calculate to start with shootings in July and present you the stand alone Mea Lee site at the end of the year."

We will see, for now, let me paste some of my favourite Mea images here, enjoy!

2010. június 24., csütörtök

Mea Lee the lil' noob blogger:)

Looks like my fav. model, Mea trying to make her own blog (hoooow, cute:), so long she have two posts, one of it is a reference for my little fan-blog, yay (happy, happy). Anyway, looks like she did post few free images (the first two isn't clickable, sorry about it, dunno whats goin' on:)

2010. június 22., kedd

Nice CosplayErotica covers collection

Well, its no-nude, and only the covers, also not a full collection... but hey, its free!:) And high rez!
I found it on Picasa, full gallery here.

Lets hope it'll be updated.

I'm also a CosplayErotica cover-collector (they have a lot of covers which I can't find on the main site - probably out-dated, or forbidden content because of "violence", just like the Ada Wong versus Cultist one) - so contact me if You have any fills (even full series), or just want to trade.

2010. június 21., hétfő

Neon Genesis Evangelion sexy cosplay FREE!

Just found this on e-hentai, nice gallery - the chick is definitely not jap, but hey - at least she have boobs, and she is shaved:-P Enjoy! Here is the full gallery!

2010. június 19., szombat

A lof of updates on CosplayErotica

Including some sexy videos (Vocaloid with Gundam Seed, and Sudeki with Homura), also looks like this week's update is Rezident Evil again (yay!) - this time from RE3, "desert costume". Btw, I think RE3 (I mean the movie) was the best from the batch. Here are some pics, enjoy! (Man, I wish they update twice a week lol:) Looks like next week update is a Final Fantasy set (Tifa, black skirt-version)

2010. június 16., szerda

Free Cosplay Erotica stuff

Okay, I did check this out.. and I came:))) haha

CosplayErotica backgrounds - how did they do it?

Looks like theres an ongoing conversation on the forum of Cosplayisland, about the CE computer generated backgrounds. So far, looks like everybody voting for the usual greenbox technique, however I did just found an interesting image in CE "Behind The Scenes" section.

If You look closely, this is definetly NOT green background, although the guys on Cosplayisland may be right about the camera handling, as there are big crosses in the set - probably for the special camera, to record angles/distance. (As a hobby-photographer, I think they can't use green - green is good for movies, but looks ugly in photos, your skin will looks like a frog's...)

I'm not a big 3D guru (but somewhat familiar with Lightwave, Max and DazStudio), but my vote is: the backgorunds are made by Maya or Max, and they composite them with the girls via a special plugin.

In case You like behind the sceenes pics, here is another one with a nice pose:)

2010. június 13., vasárnap

CosplayErotica nice promo video

Fine dancing chicks - Mass Effect, Dragon Age, and some Resident Evil - also I think there is a Buki (Sudeki) cosplay in it, with some other characters.
Unfortunately no nude, but not bad:)
You can check it out here (Xtube link)