2011. július 29., péntek

Awesome Left4dead Witch cosplay

Sexy, dangerous, long legged zombie-witch. what would you do with her? Will you run away? Or will you try to... uhmm... talk over things? Or maybe not talk but.. whatever:) My mind is nasty. Check out the full gallery on Mea Lee's blog here!

2011. július 23., szombat

Elena from Uncharted - she has a secret

Drake’s former companion, Elena is an investigative journalist. Elena run in to Chloe Frazer in Nepal. I guess they liked each others - let's see what happened... More images on Mea's blog

2011. július 16., szombat

Bleach goes hot - the cutest arrancar

Sometimes the CE members requesting a "reprise" from an older serie, with a different girl. This request was adressed especially for Melane from a Bleach-fan, and seeing the results, I must agree: nice choice, nice remix!

2011. július 7., csütörtök

Female Indiana Jones - hot or not?

Rule 63 is a rule of the internet that reads as follows: "For any given male character, there is a female version of that character." So let's welcome this female-Indiana Jones:-) 

2011. július 1., péntek

Nayma as a nasty Vocaloid (Luka)

Luka is one of the more smoother Vocaloid2 voicebanks and she is not as choppy sounding as her predecessors in the CV series. However, who cares about the voice, when she is hot? A nice member request for Nayma - can't wait till someone will ask for a hot Miku versus Rin versus Luka series (wink). Check out the rest of the series on CosplayErotica.com