2011. december 19., hétfő

Star Wars The Old Repulic smuggler cosplay

Quote from Angela's Deviantart page: "The title says it all: I am so exctied about SWTOR, can't wait to jump in it at 20th. While I was waiting for the launch, we did a quick cosplay with the hlep of Sandy Bell (clothes by me as usual). Enjoy!" I think this is the very first Old Republic cosplay in the world, lol:) Thanks Angela! More pics on Deviantart.


2011. december 12., hétfő

Miriya Robotech preview, and some other stuff

Hi all!

Angela just posted a really nice preview pic on DA from the upcoming Miriya (Robotech) series, let's see! (too bad it's only one pic, I'll post more as soon as the series goes live).

Also we have a nice Lara Croft wetsuit series, which made me happy, as this is a very underused Lara-cosplay. I don't know why, I tihnk the wetsuit-lara version is one of the hottest...