2011. június 24., péntek

At last - Leliana nasty cosplay, with Morrigan

Hey all - no secret, I am a big Dragon Age Origins fan. I even likes Dragon Age 2 (tho it's deffo not as good as DAO), but DAO is just one of the all time best games for me (have about 7 chars, with about 9 walkthrough so far - and a bunch of mods of course).

Let's just hope, that Bioware won't f**ck up the next sequel, and DA3 will be as good as DAO was. Anyway: while Origins are still extremelly popular, I was always wonder: how came, that there is no proper Leliana cosplays? Somehow it's just impossible to find - same with Morrigan. Morrigan cosplays is very well covered on CosplayErotica.com (thanks god, hehe) with the fantastic series from Analia, and a future Morrigan request for Tina (requested by me, hah!). But... no Leilana! Till now!

Whoever requested this series, he was a godsend - at last, we have a proper Leilana cosplay, not the crappie sacred-ashes version (I don't understand the hype for that outfit), but in the proper Andraste-outfit, as you can see her in the game! Yay! Even better it's a nasty lesbo-series with our favourite Chasind:-))))

Head for the site, and watch the pics/videos - you won't be disappointed:-))))

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