2011. április 14., csütörtök

Let's prepare for the Witcher cosplay (pic)

Ok, so I just got a really cool Witcher cosplay pic from Mea (with Tina as Triss- I love Tina, she was so cool in the Borderlands cosplay). Sadly, no info about when the set coming, so let's hope it'll be soon (btw I did preordered Witcher 2, no surprise, eh?:)

About this week' series: well, here's the cover, I think you have the idea now: Mea+Nayma, hot costumes, epicness!

I can't resist to post my all time fav. image from this series - I always loved how Mea and Nayma can have fun with the prosp... just look!

Full preview of the series will be available on Mea's blog soon - hopefully, when she will update again (lazy lazy Mea:-)

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