2010. október 15., péntek

Gogo cosplaying Sheeva from RE5

Ok, I am not a big fan of Resident Evil 5 (me thinks RE4 was an epic win, but 5 was just meh...) - but I must admit: Sheeva was hot!

And Gogo is hot as well:)

Also, I just realised: the girls are goin' to make a Beyond Good And Evil cosplay, omg zomg, you girls just won the internetz!!! No1 did a decent Jade cosplay yet, so I can't wait to see it!!!

Ohh, and if any1 recognise the 2nd character (red hair, silver clothes) on the sneek peek, plz tell me, cos I dont have a clue, which is a shame, for me, as I am considering myself as an anime fan... hmm...

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